Donate by Mining

Since the launch of the voluntary browser miningo on my site Monero mining has changed. Right now it’s almost useless for both you, my users and me. So, I’ve decided to opt for a standalone, much more efficient way of mining, with which you can provide a way better “thank you” than with Coinhive-powered browser miner.

I’ve seen some Monero miners, but most of them have no GUI and would look like some rocket science shit from outer space for most of the gamers. Luckily, I’ve found WinXMR, a GUI shell for pretty awesome XMR-Stak mining command-line software. It can utilize not only CPU, but also your videocard, both NVIDIA or AMD-based. And they are much faster on mining, than most CPUs.

So, if you still here and really want to donate me some of your PC’s horsepower – here is how to do it! Special thanks go to WinXMR team, who made the restoration of my mining possible!

  1. Download WinXMR from the official site and run it. You may ignore Windows Defender (or any other antivirus) warning, it’s a standard reaction to mining software.
  2. You will see the GUI. Make sure it’s v0.3.8.0 or higher.

    Don’t press the “START” button just yet.
  3. Clear the e-mail field, then just type in the “Monero Address” field:

    That’s it. Not FitGirl, nor FITGIRL, just fitgirl.


  4. Check one/two/three checkboxes above the address, depending on how you want the miner to be working. Keep in mind, that without “Run Only When Idle” and “Background Mode” your PC will became very slow once you hit the “START” button. Still, don’t press it yet – the final configuration step is ahead!
  5. Click on “Advanced” icon to open additional settings.

    Select which type of mining you prefer – Auto (CPU+GPU), CPU Only or GPU Only”. The first one provides more hashpower, but it’s up to you to decide what parts of your PC will donate to me 🙂 You can ignore “Use SupportXMR Pool” now.
  6. Now you’re good to go. Close Advanced Settings and press “START” button. In some seconds you will see, how many Hashes per second your PC can provide. You can now minimize the program and keep it running in the background. If you feel it’s eating too much power – just stop it and adjust perfomance checkboxes described above.

Thank you for helping me with covering my site and seedboxes costs, I really appreciate it.

Thank you for support!